Turning meaningful use information into meaningful value outcomes.


Understanding Meaningful Use and how it impacts the healthcare organization, the healthcare providers and the healthcare vendors is essential.  The Connected Health Economy on-site presentations and full 2 day conferences are designed to bring different worlds of creativity together to establish a firm foundation and infrastructure for achieving expected requirements surrounding Meaningful Use Electronic Health Information capture and reporting.  Our team has the privilege to work alongside some of healthcare's most talented executives, providers, and IT analysts & specialists to come up with the ideal "best practice" concepts for small to large organizations. The result: culminates into a dynamic experience and mobile connection  which only continues to grow each year.


The early years of healthcare quality centered around healthcare workers​ striving for optimal patient care management as defined by length of stay.  Today, our healthcare economy has changed and we work inside of a connected health economy where technology has made it possible for us to connect with people, ideas and information from anywhere in the world instantaneously in ways that can significantly impact patient outcomes



Accessing customers through creative partnerships.


When the largest healthcare vendors from R&D to pharma approach us to handle their connectivity within their current cipher, we always experience a little intimidation.  But after meeting their  teams, we always realize why they choose to go with an artsy healthcare consulting firm over the usual big four. As their Healthcare Product & Services challenges in their respective sectors continue to grow, the customer connections needed have to reflect this ever changing complicated and necessary  part of their business. We eagerly take on these challenges head on and are delighted with the results!

Establishing efficiency while embracing technology.


Working with the many private provider practices, urban and rural health clinics our team creates the next cutting edge opportunities for interacting with patients and staff.    Focusing on a Patient Centered Medical Home model of care, we start working with staff and providers to understand exactly what their current operational objectives are together with inefficiencies or challenges then develop a sustainable plan for success.  The end result is a strategic design that creates impact through workflow process re-design, electronic health information capture and management along with engaging mobile technologies.             The learning curve for both provider and patients is mitigated through sound planning, distinct and familiar learning styles that bring about ideal patient outcomes through quality information input and coordinated care output.


Organizing innovation inside of a patient care environment.


The Connected Health Economy moves hospitals and systems beyond the walls of their buildings and into the day to day lives of the patients.  Our hospital projects embrace the concepts of connectivity in unique ways and build upon social media models, tracking sensors and smart robots to prevent re-admissions and improve overall compliance.  As everyone in the industry works diligently to role out and upgrade electronic systems we have seen enough "go-live" disasters to know that having strategic help paying attention to the details both at the bedside and in the server room amongst the clouds is absolutely paramount in ensuring minimal downtime and easing frustrations.   Remember when you implemented bedside charting... we certainly do!  Make it easier for you, the staff and the patients.