The Connected Health Economy rewards a different group of people.  It rewards the people who see things differently and don't always seek to conform but enhance their ideas in ways that embrace reaching out to their customers, vendors and patients as "connectors" poised to survive the changing landscape of the health care paradigm.  Our industry is not about to change... it already has and to survive you must be ready to leverage your connections to impact your organizations outcomes.


“The healthcare industry today is facing a shortage of dreamers and connectors.  In our efforts to meet all of the stiff regulatory requirements and maintain accreditation we have forgotten to encourage our staff to embrace and thrive in this connected economy.  ”

Tanya Scott, Transformational Nurse Executive

“I have seen the way that the internet and technology is changing the way that we do everything today.  Healthcare professionals, organizations and brands must work effectively with their colleagues to stay relevant and profitable in this new and connected world. ”

Dr. Timothy Quinn

Quinn Healthcare

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